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The books of the l'Eau Clair Chronicles have not been published in chronological order (perhaps we could blame the chronicler for that, but it's truly not her fault . . . :-)). However, the order of the books you see here is the order in which they happen, not when they were published:

The Hidden Heart
Spring 1213, the Welsh Marches

Published 11/99, Harlequin Historicals

To Tame a Warrior's Heart
1214, England and the Welsh Marches

Published 10/97, Harlequin Historicals

Heart of the Dragon
Spring 1215, Northern Wales and the Welsh Marches

Published 3/97, Harlequin Historicals

Lady of the Keep
1215, Ireland

Published 4/00, Harlequin Historicals

The Shielded Heart
Autumn, 1215, the Welsh Marches

Published 12/98, Harlequin Historicals

Bride of the Tower
1217, Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, England

Published 3/03, Harlequin Historicals

For My Lady's Honor
1222, the Welsh Marches

Published 3/06, Harlequin Historicals

The l'Eau Clair Chronicles

The Hidden Heart
Where the Chronicles truly begin . . . Rannulf and Gillian's story